Starting To Pay Attention…

It is encouraging to see more people are paying attention, getting involved, engaging. It is a beginning . There are two key words that come to mind as we move forward. Conversation and Communication. Conversation is two fold,speaking and listening.

I don’t see anyone having trouble with the speaking part. And vocal we are. I get it. Each of us believe in a certain way. It’s a good thing to have strong convictions. And it is good to speak your mind, make a stand. But the conversation can not stop there. There is a perfect example playing out as I am writing this piece. There are two opposing ideologies and everybody is talking at once.

Now if you stop and think about it for a moment if everybody is talking, nobody is listening. Not being heard leads to frustration. Frustration leads to violence.

Communication breakdown big time. Important point here. To communicate there is the talking points. If someone is talking someone must be listening or there is no communication.

So you might be thinking right now. How in the hell is that going to work? Why would I want to listen to some shit I don’t believe in? Good question. My answer is simple . Mutual Respect. I respect your right to believe whatever you choose. But I expect the same.

I need to add a point here. If your ideology is bringing harm to another person. Then maybe you need to rethink your ideology. And if you are reacting violently to a violent act then maybe you need to rethink your methodology. There are no winners there. Two wrong never make a right.