Upside Down or is it…

Upside down or is it Downside up? As I  sit here in my room with my laptop in hand, I  thought a break would be a welcome change from my routine here of late. I am in the process of moving out of my apartment I have lived in for 13+ years. You can only imagine all the things I have accumulated over the years.  Books and magazines  make up the bulk of my possessions.I have several years worth subscriptions of The Sun mag, Writer Digest , National Geographic, Smithsonian, Time  mag. and a few other. Then there are my books. I love my books. I know we are in the digital age.  And I do think that is very cool. The options for reading material. It has also given everyday people , such as myself to write and read. Although I do have a  what would you call it e-book club or feed, I still love my books.There is nothing to compare with picking up a book. Feeling it in your hands. Turning those pages as the endless word tell the store. Books, books, books I count twenty crates of them.

So I’m moving that is really no big deal. It is just after 13 years in the same place it’s kind of hard to get into the moving mode.   Actually my present crazy life started about a month ago when I finally decided to retire. Now if that hasn’t been an earth shaking change. I had no idea what retirement meant. I still don’t. I feel a bit lost, bored, and depressed. I have somewhat of a game plan.  So I thought I’ll move on to phase two. I found a trailer that I thought would be a good investment and at a price I could afford. That was going well. Too well. The whole thing got put on hold when they found something in my background check from 2004 that they didn’t like.  That’s another story for another time.

So i begin the process to deal with my back history. Nothing to do now but wait. As I sit here waiting I think to myself it cant  get much worse. Me and my big mouth. That’s when I received the certified letter. I was so excited  I thought it was an answer about my past issue. No such luck. It was an eviction notice. Stating that my lease was up and they would not renew it. Actually it was a play to up the rent $250 per month.  I don’t want to play.

So I sit here and pack and wait.Writing this post in an attempt to clear my cloudy over taxed brain. No circumstances haven’t changed , but I feel a little better. That’s a start.nick