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In an attempt to simplify and make sense of my life in this world, to find my purpose and reason for living, and to just be me, I have come to more of an understanding of the word duality. If I can put it in the simplest of terms. Duality is union of opposite or contrasting forces.

We are born as we join with our physical body and placed in this physical  world . In a short time we come to realize this physical world will sustain all my physical body needs. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. The body in itself has no life. That means that somewhere in the birthing process the spirit and soul joins with the body resulting in life. Wow that just blows my mind. The pain taking involved in creating a single life. How important is a life? I have a very hard time as I consider that there are ones that place little to no value on a life. With a single command or pushing a button can remove hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of lives from the planet.


Anyway I must move along. It would be easy for me to get off topic right here, but I’ll save it for another time…

Okay where was I. This new life has no source of recall. A blank slate if you will. Growing accustom to this new body. Mobility is one the first thing that must be learned . Watching the adults on two limbs. They want that too. Another essential thing learned is communication. Without language one is unable to convey what they feel. More so they don’t know what they feel. Hungry and wet may be some of the first word in the vocabulary.

As time passes more and more discoveries are made in and of this physical world. Here is were I can only speak for myself. My physical world was easy to explore. My body is equipped with five senses. Each one able to help me feel my physical world. Happy and content, well yes and no. I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate all that this, my world has to offer me, but there was/ is this voice or nagging feeling coming from deep within. Similar to the physical world in that it pulls on me for attention. But so very different in that I am unable to feel it let alone definitely with my five senses. This has lead to confusion,uncertainty, and wrong choices as I continue to understand my inner spirit.

I am not complete in what I know , but I am clearer than I was five years ago or even five minutes ago. To be able to acknowledge the spirit within you, I don’t have all the pieces yet. It introduced me to duality . My spirit world within , my physical world without, and my soul ( my mind, my reason,my intellect) is where the battles begin and end in respect to balance of this my life.