The Year is 1967

The year is 1967. I remember it clearly like it was yesterday . Only it was yesterday almost fifty years ago. No, i’m not trippin or freaking out. I am hoping to illustrate in words a life changing   event or series of events that completely changed and rearranged my life.  It is true once the door is open it cannot be shut again.

The year was 1967 and coined as the Summer of Love… Looking back it wasn’t an isolated account in San Francisco of rebellious teenagers. No, it was much bigger. I see it as a global revolution. Realize this. In 1967  we had no cell phones. No FB or Twitter. To communicate a central message globally would be virtually impossible.  I am unable to explain how it happened, but I do know why.

All around the world the 60’s message was the same. Peaceful at time and at times turned to violence.  I realize we didn’t complete the task at hand, but did manage to slow it down. I am certain if we hadn’t had the events of the 60’s I wouldn’t be here to write about it. For that matter there wouldn’t be anybody reading about it.

If I could be a little  more clear. I do tend to babble on at times. Diluting the point I am trying to make. Plain and simple the course we were on could yield one thing. Total destruction of the planet. The truth of the matter is we haven’t changed course. We just slowed it down .

There are ones out there that believe a war can be won. All we have to do is up the ante. There are ones out there that believe a nuclear war can be won. What do you think?

I know we don’t like hearing about doom and gloom. Ignoring it will not make it go away. What to do? It is more than one person can do. It is our planet. Each of us has a job to do.

If I make one more point before closing. I think everyone has entertained the thought of life elsewhere in the universe. Maybe even thought about an invasion other beings, or the ones we could with more clarity call aliens. As things are I don’t think they are too worried about us. It wouldn’t even be a fight. All they have to do is sit back and wait for us to destroy ourselves.

I ask you how do we plan to keep the aliens out? A wall can’t do it.