Internet Ads, Are they….?

As I log into WP the first thing to appear on my screen is my reader. I usually scroll and read the post that I am following. I am curious to read what others are writing about. This is were I found myself earlier. I clicked on this one post that interested me and I hadn’t made it through the first sentence before I was bombarded with pop-ups, filling up the page  with ads. If you were to ask me the nature of the ads or was I inclined to respond to said ads i would have to say my only response was to remove them and continue my read. Which I did do. I’ll be dammed if half way through the first paragraph and encountered yet another pop-up covering the whole page making it impossible to read anything else.

Normally patience prevails and I press the x in the corner and continue to read. Sorry not today…  I pressed the x on the browser and left the site. Now don’t get me wrong I understand the monetary need. The more complex the platform the greater the need for cash to offset the cost. I am not talking from a position of authority. My blog is simple premium account. The cost is affordable. I do realize eventually if I move to the next level so will my cost. And I ‘ll deal with it then.

I think it would be important to be creative in where, what ,and how ads are positioned on my page.  Why even be concerned?  The purpose of ads to generate money. Money is made when someone responds to said ad. If said adds are placed with no consideration for the reader they tend to become intrusive and a distraction . Personally it turns me off and my  and reaction is to move on. And the truth be told no one wins here. I don’t enjoy the read and I have rejected the ad robbing you of that monetary need.

As I was saying I feel pretty strongly  to my very core. My whole purpose for writing my blog is to engage with others.That what I write is important, relevant, and worth my time to prepare and share  with others.  It is for me my time to give back some of what I have received. And if my words finds one pair of ears and their life is enriched I would feel complete.

If I think about it the process for success hasn’t changed much. The stakes have just gotten larger. From childhood it has been drilled into us. The ingredients for success more money, more things, more friends, and you will be more popular. Guess what I think we have been misled. All that become less and less important as time goes by…