Road Trip # 1

It a day of firsts. Today is the first day of October.  Today is the first  day after moving out of my apartment of thirteen years. And it is my first official road trip in my new truck. You would think I would be enjoying the moment. I anticipated issues with my travel companion. For the record cats don’t travel well in a moving vehicle.

It so happened as we traveled towards Prescott we would have to stop from time to time to let the cat out and me to stretch my legs. A very strange thing happened. Some 40 miles out of Prescott I made said pitstop. I thought we would be there for a little while so I thought I would busy myself in the back of the truck rearranging things so it would be a bit more comfortable. In the process the cat disappeared. Seriously. I crawled in  under the truck. No cat  ?? No cat anywhere??? I looked for over an hour and still no cat???

Reluctantly, I continued  to Prescott. Now we are talking 45 miles here. I spot a Dairy Queen and stop for a bite and Google for directions. About an hour spent there. Made it to my cousin's house, but they hadn’t come home from work yet.  I dozed off waiting for them, so maybe another hour or so. She get there and we wander inside. By now several hours since I left the rest  stop.

It is then I heard  cat cries. I ask my cousin if she heard anything. I finally got up to check the front door. And you probably guessed by now who walks in. My cat , BUT HOW? Like stepping into the twilight zone. She is a black cat after all and they do have nine lives. It’s just real spooky.  Real spooky.

Some time later I was texting my brother and he came up with an answer to the mystery.  The only logical way she could have made the trip was if she crawled in above the spare tire. Still an amazing feat considering all the circumstances don’t you think???