The Good Old Days

There are so many things in the news these days… I want to talk about our decisions governing air pollution and global warming. We want to make America great again. You know back to the good old days.You remember those good old coal miner day. Defacing our countryside as we dig in the dirt . Stripping mountainsides in an effort to yield the precious fossil fuel, coal. It is impossible to forget the huge holes dug out of the countryside. But we seem to have forgotten or try to forget the danger to the miners breathing in that air in the mines. We don’t remember the cancer and emphysema deaths directly related to breathing the air deep in those mines.

Mortality Rate among Coal Miners   Read it for yourself and make your own judgement…

Let’s get back to those good old days when America was great. Plain and simple what we were has helped make us what we are today. We are a product of our choices. To me it sounds a little bit redundant. Let me explain. We want to go back to a time  when America was great. This will through our choices bring us back to where we are now. Wanting to go back to a time when America was great.

Greatness is not a place in time. America’s greatness is it’s people. America is not a institution. Not a government it is people.. America began when a bakers dozen colonies came together. Thats right people from the thirteen colonies came together.  They had a dream of life , liberty ,and the pursuit of happiness. That was the same dream my grandfather had when he came to America as an immigrant..I hate to break the news to you..  An educated guess , better than 90% of America have immigrants in their family tree.

Here is a direct quote from the Declaration of Independance. “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights. that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” THAT IS WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT!!

I may be drifting a bit off topic. So what else is new?  Right. Every morning I’ve started a new habit. I go to my computer and load my news feed. It keeps me somewhat in tune. Well, as usual I went to my news feed this morning and with all that is happening in the world the best they could come up with for the top story was a Hollywood producer who I never of. From what I gather he has been whoring around for years and now he is wondering why his wife wants to leave him. Top story all over the papers.  Shit I even read it.

Environmental issues and concerns are not a political statement or talking point.The last thing we need is another committee, another agency, another rule, law, or regulation. So what am I saying here big government is a hinderance. Yes that is exactly what I am saying.

Big business is probably the biggest hinderance.All they care about is $$$ in the profit column And hold little or no regard for maintaining a healthy environment. Money and big business are not eco friendly.

So where then lies the responsibility? Simple you and me. Every human being on the planet. Do you think we have been going about it the wrong way? Maybe  instead of just laying down a rule or regulation with no explanation.  Just do it or you will be punished. Why not educate the people? We need to dispel the myth that people are inherently ignorant.  That is just not true. Given the opportunity we are quite resilient and able to learn. There is something in the learning process as one applies what they have learned and see positive results. There is a renewed sense of pride, a feeling of self worth,  and a belonging as one engages.

Hey I’m just saying . I like to be treated like I have a little bit pf sense. The old thought that knowledge is only for a select few is bunk. They need to find their way back to the dark ages .  They would be right at home there.

We do have a way to go moving forward. Moving forward we must complete the task before us. We fought the Civil War to free the black slaves. To this day are they really free? Sure we have made laws that say so  We have even had a black president.  But have we had a change of heart? We have passed laws giving women the right to vote.  Is there truly equality? Doing what we say is the only way.

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