Christmas Eve

Here is a draft I wrote almost a full year ago. It was buried and I just found it and read it. I didn’t want to waste it or delete it so I am posting it now…

The year 2016 is coming to a close. And what a year it has been!  So much has happened with me personally , as well as locally and globally. I am both happy and sad. Sadden when I look at my world and see how we still haven’t learned or are not willing to get along. Refusing to change  our warring mind set. Unable to sustain a lasting peace. In our narrow minded perception  we can only see violence as a working solution. But human history  is more than clearly shown us war and violence DOES NOT work.

Violence as an action brings about violence as a reaction. Everybody is talking and no one is listening. We have been stuck there for centuries. I know I am not saying anything new. And maybe you are getting tired  of hearing about it. We cannot ignore it.. We cannot deny it..

This might not appear to be your typical Christmas message, but when  am I  typical? Let’s reflect on the word Christmas for a moment. Christmas for christians, as well as other festive pagan events of that day share a common thread.  If I could describe it in a single sentence. Christmas is the joy of unselfish giving and receiving, completing the circle of love.