Remember , how easy it is to Forget…

How quickly we forget. Last month’s events is ancient history. Hollywood scandals dominate the news pages. We’ve moved on.  There are some that can’t forget no matter how hard they try.  

You might know where I am going with this . I am talking about the family and friends of the four service men that came home in a pine box.I don’t we can begin to understand or relate  to losing a husband,  son, father, brother, best friend. I just can’t imagine that kind of pain. To wake up every morning and the pain doesn’t go away. To cry a bucket of tears and still no relief. Nothing you try to do or take can numb it.

I’m beginning to think the greatest casualty of war are the loved ones left behind. They live that pain day in and day out. The soldiers are dead and gone. No worry , no pain. I am not trying to be cold. I guess reality has a cold side.

What troubles me the most is in my short life time of sixty plus years I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a war or threat of war. And we do nothing