Even if I loss I am a winner!.

Love makes us, me do stupid geeky shit.  What else can I say?  It’s been so long since I have felt any thing for any one.  I have forgotten how lame I can act. Humor me for a moment while I feel sorry for myself.

I act like I’m the only one to play the game and lost. See the thing is I don’t count this as a loss. Why not you may ask? It does  fit the classic example of love lost.

My explaination is not so simple, but I will try.  Well first off  I’m not talking denial here. I can not deny any thing I am feeling and/ or have felt. I am feeling the pain.

What is key here is the fact that I am feeling. I’m feeling. As I was saying before it has been quite some time since I have felt anything for any one. It’s like I’m just waking up to life. What is life without feelings. Just going through the motions without emotion. 

I had isolated myself. A hemit, a recluse. It is so unhealthy to the psyche not to reach out and touch another person. After all we are social beings.

So I have concluded whatever the outcome,because the verdict isn’t in yet. I am a winner.

That door in now open and I am feeling what I’ve been missing. And the is way I will go back.