Looking back, 2017

As I look back over the year, 2017.  I got to say it’s been good and bad and everything in between. I’ve experienced more change in the past twelve months then I have in the past everything years. Is that good or bad you may ask?

Personally, I am not a big fan of change. I find someplace comfortable and well I’m not the easiest one to move. Let’s just say it takes a swift kick sometimes to get me moving. And that can be quite painful.

So to answer that question. It’s been a mixed bag of good and bad. As I am now counting down the day to this year’s end honestly I am glad it’s about over!

I am going to let out a big sigh of relief when the clock strikes 12:01am. I’ll be able to say I made it. A little fit for wear, but I made it. What? A little too dramatical?  I’ll eventually get over my fool self. And maybe start writing something everybody wants to hear.

If I want to be honest, not dwelling on all the bad things and instead look at what good has come of all this, I have a feeling I may be able to salvage this post. I got at least try.

As I have said repeatedly I hate change. And that is hard for me to overcome. It is a flaw in my character and I will be the first to admit it. I am vowing, or making a New Years resolution to be more open to change in my life. When I, we stop changing we stop learning. And if I can quote Einstien,”Once you stop learning, you start dying.” I have this quote hanging to the side of my computer on the wall.   A constant reminder to move forward,  learn, change, evolve, and don’t look back.

At the beginning of this year or actually on my birthday I felt a need to research a little deeper into an area of study called Numerology. Many people are sceptical or unbelievers and might be tuning me out right now. I hope not. I am not trying to question anyone’s belief system or preach mine. I am sharing an account of my life and the step I chose to take to get there.

My curiosity with numbers is what has drawn me to Numerology in the first place.I know there are a lot of miss giving and falsehoods about the science. It’s. not magic, hocus pocus and will not dictate your future. It is an ancient tool to help me understand myself, the world around me, and how to cope.

So with that said I wanted to conduct a little experiment.  I wanted to see if there was anything to these numbers. According to Pythagoras theory, each number holds a vibration. And everything in our universe has a vibration. And vibration is an action that causes a reaction. That’s about the easiest I can explain my rationale. In creating my chart single digit number are substituted for letters. the process is rather involved. if you want a complete explanation to let me know in the comments below.

The number nine was everywhere in my chart.  Not just nines but combinations of numbers reducing to nine.. Counting one to nine, nine is the last number.  The end, then you begin anew. Back to one, but not an ordinary one.  It is a one zero combo reducing to a one.  That one signifies you have been there before It is not your first rodeo.

So I went the full year, I just wanted to see if there was anything to this number game?