My Second Day

I have discovered a new coffee house. Artsy. Tables outside. Close to my apt.   I’ve been hoping for something to turn up. I had to do some banking and I spotted the place about a half mile from the bank. 

They have cold brew and scones what more could I ask for. Yum!  

The weather is amazing  today. It is like a bright spring day. 75 degrees and the sun is shining. That’s why I live in Arizona. Where else can wander around in the middle of the day in short sleeve.i almost feel bad because they are having 10 to 15 below zero weather. Like I said I almost feel guilty. 😎 not.

I am sort of a mixed bag of emotion today. A friend that went away just after Christmas texted me today. It was nice hearing from her, but missing her is hard too. I am just beginning to deal with her absence and all my feelings came flooding back in. So we start all over again.

So this beautiful day is helping me out a bunch. So is this cold brew. One can always find a nugget or two of in any bad heap.