Logic vs Just Plain Stupid

An interesting title don’t you think?   Does it spark a bit of curiosity for you to read on? Or do I need to work on my approach?  Anyway, I am sitting here in my studio apartment at 2:30 am thinking about the world, the race for domination, nukes, and the general mindset of all our world leaders.  You are probably thinking that is a whole hell of a lot of thinking at almost 3: am. Well maybe it is, but if I don’t write what is on my mind I will not be able to sleep.

I have noticed Africa has been in the news more and more.  There is a power struggle,. It must have been brewing for some time, but I am only now paying attention to it. You might say Africa is the last hurrah for planet Earth It is the only place on the planet, should I say dry land that hasn’t yet been pillaged by humans. There is an abundance of natural resources and greedy eyes are fixed on Africa.  They all want to get their hands on the wealth.

When I think about world domination I am reminded of this cartoon was on TV. Actually, it still might be. It was called Pinky and the Brain. ` What are we doing today?  Today we want to figure out how to rule  THE WORLD.

Unfortunately, the human race has had a long history battling factions bent on ruling the world. You would think after thousands and thousands of year we would get things right or at least improve. The only thing that has improved is our weapons of destruction. The nuclear weapons we now have in our arsenal have the capacity of destroying the planet a hundred times over.   This leads me to one of my main points. NUCLEAR WAR IS JUST PLAIN STUPID.

What good is a world if you poison all the land and kill all its people? You may live safe in an underground bunker, but you will never see the light of day. And by the time it is safe to go to the surface you might be dead. A shallow victory I would say.

On the other hand, if I were a greedy man and wanted it all, I would probably be a lazy man as well. Logic would dictate No nukes period.