May 4, 2018

May 4 , 2018.So , what is the deal with this one day in time. Well first off it is my birthday.  And I’m a birthday kind on guy.. It is the celebration of the life Each new year begins anew. The cycle of life.

Thanking  God for another year of life. Blessed not in abundance but in taking care of my every need. I must admit at times I don’t feel worthy.

This year for me is a special BDay in that I am turning  sixty five. Yes, you heard me right sixty five years old. Who would have thought I’d make it this far it  really puts me to thinking. Wow puts me ijn kind of a spin. There is just so much going through my mind right now. And as I unravel it I hope to share a few things with you.

Im at ten years now blogging  It really doesnt seem like it. I can’t brag to having a large following or making any money , but the few lives I’ve touched I know have touched me. So, what is more important numbers on a status page or people feeding people what they need spiritually, emotionally, and physically?  I think the answer is a no brainier for me. I will continue to write from my heart and hope my words find a hungry heart ready to receive them. If I touch one I will be happy if I touch one hundred and one I will be equally happy.

Over the years I’ve been up and down . Full of energy to write and times I was just so tired only a few words here and thif even that.. There has been times where I felt hopeless and other times hopeful. And guess what I am okay with that. It shows me the human that I am. Not a machine that will pump out ex amount of words with no feeling. I want to feel every word . The pain and the joy. And I want you to feel it too. I would that when you leave my banquet table you can barely walk you are so full.

Now get this this is not a one way street. I am not hear bleeding out word to feed my extra large ego. I delight in words coming back my way. I know I am right most of the time. But I know I’m not the only one opinionated as hell.  And guess what I want to hear it. Actually I wasn’t being totally honest when I said I was right most of the time. If I had said all of the time you would think I was bragging.

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