Money Can’t Work For You…

It’s funny how the little thing that go on most of the time unnoticed jump out at me and inspire me to write. I guess this was one of those days.

I had errands to run so I was out and about. As soon as I stepped out of my apartment I saw what all the noise was all about. The dude had tore down part of the brick wall around the dumpster and was now building a new ok ne to replace it. Seemed to be doing one hell of a job for one person.

I rode off through the neighborhood there are a lot of large houses with beautifully sculpted lawns and trees. It must have been lawn day because I counted at least a half dozen mowers doing there service.

On down the road there was a small crew. Doing a remodel on a home.

Riding along I got to thinking. I wasn’t doing a survey or anything like that. But I did notice one thing. Of all the workers I saw in those various locations there was not one white guy or gal worker . All Mexican. And I’m not saying this in a racist tone so put that out of your mind.

My point is this. There appears to be a clearly drawn line in the sand with ethnectisity as a strong determining factor. the workforce is not a level playing field.. We are not equal opportunity employers Don’t believe me ?  Ask a farmer. Who can he or she get that are willing to work in the fields?  Who is pushing that lawn mower or that broom? On the other hand who is sporting that thousand dollar business suite with a degree in law , economic, and/ or  business ?

There seems to be a trend to remove this ” bad ” element from our society. Saying they are of no value. Saying they are rapist, murderers, and drug dealers..  Check the stats you may be surprised to see how many more whites are involved in rape and murder crimes.  And if drugs are being sold someone must be buying them. And what of those drugs that get confiscated and magically disappears only to reappear being sold on the street corner. The picture isn’t as straight as it is painted to be.

What troubles me the most is the same one complaining about these immigrants have no problem hiring them to mow their lawns or build their towers or clean their rooms in their hotels..  Tell me this. If they are removed from our society who are going to work in the fields or clean those rooms or mow those lawns?

Is your money going to work for you.? Throw that hundred dollar bill out there in the yard and see how fast it mows that lawn or builds that brick wall or cleans the house or building. It’s not going to happen. . IT TAKES PEOPLE TO DO THAT WORK.  It’s time to give those people the EQUAL respect they deserve.