Well, this has been quite the week. Last Monday we buried my mom. All week long it has been family and friends coming and going. Laughing and crying. Remembering those special times. Hugging and being held. I must say amiss the sorrow of the event there is a positive side. I was seeing old, tired, and broken relationships. Ones that had not even communicated in quite some time, begin to talk.  Breathing new life and healing into all of us open to receive. It is a very good thing. And if mom is up there watching I think she would be pleased.

NOW, is the statement of the moment. It is the moment.  Yesterday I went to the cemetery I felt the need to go and sit and visit with no one else around. So there I sat with my sketchbook and my lunch. And for the next hour, I sat, ate and sketched.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was looking for.  I felt a need for closure, to turn the page, time to move on. I looked at the gravestone and read their names and dates. And right at the bottem, it said, Together Forever. I noticed the ground in front of the gravestone had been freshly dug and the new sod was taking root and turning green. For a moment I thought back a few days previous I watched as they lowered the casket into the big deep hole the had dug and then filled it in with dirt.

Here is where I get a little teary-eyed. But now they are not tears of sorrow, as I realize it is time to let them go. At long last, they are together And their bodies are buried there, but they aren’t. They have moved on and so should I. Time to turn the page

And for the moment I am good with that. I know I will miss them , but for now, I am at peace in my heart. And I will avoid posting any more on this subject. Time to turn the page and move on.