What if I was…

What if I was you and you were me. Hypothetically speaking. It is not a new thought. It’s been the theme in the storyline for a few movies. Mother and daughter change places. A rich man, poor man changes places. I even witnessed it in the workforce role-playing in employee workshops.

I thought it would be worth exploring. We live in an age where technology where communication is relatively endless, but do we really talk? I  think not. If we did I don’t think our world would be in half the mess we are in.

Put yourself in that other person’s shoes You know that boss you don’t get along with or fellow employee. or next door neighbor, relative, sibling, you name it. Put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine waking up one morning and everything surreal. You stumble to the bathroom and stare into the mirror and you are staring face to face at your worst enemy. Living in his house with all the problems and bills.  Maybe a spouse and children, pets.

As the day progresses you encounter everything. People, places and things that new you have inherited, And yes, you receive a lethal dose of the old you. Feeling first hand how the old you treated the new you.

I give you about a day and you would want to be back to your old self, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be the same. You would have a new outlook, enlightened.   And maybe a little more patient and understanding with others because you had the chance to walk in their shoes