There’s a Reason that our Eyes…

There’s a reason that our eyes are planted in the front of our head instead of the back or sides. Our eyes are there enabling us to see clearly as we move forward. FORWARD. Hold on, it is not that easy. If you think about it  We are built with body mobility. As a teaser, if we choose, we can look side to side or pivot and look behind.

As I was saying we choose. Focus, look ahead and move forward or take your eyes off the road, allowing yourself it be distracted looking here, there, and everywhere, instead of where you are going. It’s no wonder we lose track. I must confess I have on occasion been distracted.  If you haven’t found yourself working on an important project whether it be for school, work, or personal endeavor and before you knew it you were playing a video game,  or checking your e-mail, or chatting on FB, texting someone. If that is so not you then what I have said so far doesn’t apply to you.

You can ignore the first part of this post, but don’t stop reading  I do have a few more thoughts to throw at ya.

I have a need to stay informed, current affairs on a global scale. The problem I face is finding someone reporting the news. No, I’m not talking about the fake news bull shit. What I am saying is  I seek out one reporting the news and nothing but the news. No personal agenda, no bias, one=sided, racist, bigot, or paid off journalist. We are living in the information age. That is both a blessing and a curse.

That is why it is important to decern what is being said. Test it for validity and credibility. Sometimes it gets hard. So much being said. It just becomes noise. That is when I have to walk away and clear my head.  I’m thinking that is part of the strategy.  You know it’s in the playbook, Con 101. They through all this stuff out there. Truth, lies, scenarios, circumstances, he did this, she did that, he said, she said, they, said. More and more. They want us confused, complacent, numb to the point where we don’t want to hear it or wouldn’t be able to know the truth if we heard it.  Complacency it’s a kind of paralysis.  It’s like being so numb the truth can be slapping you upside the head ad you just sit there doing nothing. Like nothing is wrong.

I don’t have a perfect solution, but it helps. A number of years ago I got tired of sitting there with my remote in hand while watching the news.  It was an old model TV, not a flat screen and I knew I was due for a new model. The more I thought about it it seemed like a waste of time and money.  So I gave my TV to Goodwell and upgraded my computer. and I am proceeding to control my input. I can pick my news feeds, movies, shows, when, where, and how I choose to watch it. and it seems to be a better way for me.  When I get overwhelmed I can shut it off, go climb Camelback mountain,  or carve in wood, or make macrame jewelry, or write, write, write,  or I’ve even started sketching.