The Age of Transparency

I suppose I should be happy in an age where technology allows us to communicate globally, increasing transparency one hundredfold. Actually, we have the resources to be more proactive in making it difficult to do nothing.

What makes it different than in previous times is when we were all living the American dream, sleeping through most of it.

We believed in our country, in our elected officials, the government, and everything they told us on TV. They actually convinced us that everything was groovy, they had our backs, and with hard work, the sky’s the limit, the American. And the media reinforced the whole idea.

Maybe that truly was the intent of founding fathers. They did their best to get the country started on the right foot. I can’t, in all honesty, say when things started to go wrong. I don’t have any hard proof and I would not want to speculate. One thing I can say for certain is there are enough warning signs to be concerned. To start paying ATTENTION. To start looking a little deeper than the Fox news.

For me, I started to ask why when President Kennedy was murdered. And it didn’t help matters any when shortly after M.L.K. was murdered, and then Bobby Kennedy also murdered. You might think murder is a bad thing but does that warrant losing confidence in your government. I want to be clear all life is equally important. And there is nothing right about taking someone’s life.

We can agree these three men were key in our government. Here is where public opinion differs. There are ones sadly who’s hatred to anyone of a different color is so strong there is no remorse that Mr. King is dead. In fact, they are happy with it. The Kennedy boys made some enemies that probably was a factor to their murders.

Now, there were investigations conducted and conclusions were drawn??? And there are many who believe what they were told.

What do I think you ask. I can say in one word. COVER UP, oh that’s two words. The Warren Report insulted We the People’s intelligent. Might as well call us stupid. One bullet,  One gun, One lone shooter. I call that bull shit. Sorry, I tried to watch my language, but it really pisses me off when I think of it. It is bull shit.

Earlier this year they released some of the documents that had been classified. It clearly added more players to the coup. There are about twenty more documents they wouldn’t release. Something about national security??? I guess I could speculate, but I wouldn’t. Very disappointing.

If that incident is too far in the past to be of any importance. There is a recent trial that comes to mind. It seems Bill Cosby was found guilty of having sex with school girls.  Feeding them quaaludes he then proceeded to take advantage of them. He is being held accountable. The 80+-year-old man is sentenced to prison. Why am I bringing that up you may ask. He has nothing to do with government. Your right, but there is a person, an appointee to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land and a lifetime position, who has been accused of similar acts with school girls. How about that. I’m not saying he is guilty he hasn’t gone to trial. They tried to vote him into the position without having the FBI investigating. Very disappointing.

Her is a man 50+ years old, if placed in that position has the potential of influencing judgments on points of the law of the United States of America for several years. Wouldn’t you think we should if he is credible or not?

This is not a party issue Dems, Reps. Or maybe I worded that wrong the parties are the issue and they are in the way of honest politics.