What If

We don’t really appreciate what we have until they’re gone. Not to exclude ones close to me that have passed away over the years, but I will share those stories at a later date. I choose to share another grave personal loss,, my freedoms.

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in the United States of  America. Claiming to be the greatest nation in the free world. A democracy, for the people and we were living the American dream… Or that’s what we thought.  We are free as long as we follow the dictates of the status quo. Cross that line and there is a brick wall that is hidden behind the illusion of freedom.

The year is 2018, two years into the Trump presidency. Let’s consider a question: What if President Trump was to continue with his agenda… Unchecked… In the first two years of his first term he has been able to dismantle much of the progress previous presidents have accomplished. And has woken that sleeper or a better choice of words uncovered that part of America that is, and was apart of us since our conception. You might say he has taken us back about one hundred and fifty years to the civil war. Not as bloody, but you get the idea. Divided

This is nothing new. The conflict, debate, argument has been with us from the beginning. What one word stands out as a point of contention? EQUALITY. You would think by now we would have dealt with this issue. America is a melting pot from around the world. There is no said benchmark for those created equal. Although everyone might have a favorite color, there is no color superior to another. Although money is nice and buys whatever you might want, that paper doesn’t make one better than the one that is without. There is no gender that is above another. Period. And to be clear in my mind there is only one race that is the Human Race.