Surprised? No, not really.

Surprised? No, not really. I was hoping I would be wrong. After two years of investigation, the report has been handed over to the attorney general, a presidential appointee. And may I add the the appointment was confirmed by the Republican controlled Senate.

A few things are troubling right off the bat. We have a  person who was appointed by the president is overseeing an investigation on the president. If that isn’t enough. Before his appointment as attorney general Mr. Barr wrote a lengthy paper condemning the Mueller investigation.  I assume this didn’t matter to the Senators who voted him in his confirmation hearing. It seems to me if they expected the public would ever get a look at  the Mueller report then Barr might not be a safe bet. Isn’t it a bit odd that his appointment came in sync with the release of the Mueller report???

My opinion it stinks. More than that it reeks???

And what angers me the most is that they actually think we are so f-ing stupid. They can throw out any happy horse shit and we believe it. Maybe there was a time when we wanted to believe our elected officials. That they actually cared about our country and we the people that live here.

I am beginning to see that it just isn’t true. There is to much money in DC… Money, money, money. It softens the will, clouds judgement, and influences politicians.

Let me speak clearly. What are they going to do with the Mueller report??? Barr’s summary is not enough. It is a white wash. In fact it is a way to manipulate truth. Propaganda, a form to control.

I can’t state it any clearer the importance of getting to the bottom of all this. There is more, much much more than what the original investigation effectively started. Manafort and his many crocked deals for one and then there was Trump’s lawyer.  These issues doesn’t just affect one dynasty family. It affects our country and ultimately the entire world. Does that sound far reaching? The internet has brought us closer as well as visible in real time. There is no place run, nowhere to hide.

I have deliberately not published this post till now. I have been waiting, fingers crossed to see if the attorney general was going to do the right thing. Sorry to say I am disappointed in the results thus far, but as I said before I am not surprised.