Mother’s Day a mixed bag of emotion. I guess I shouldn’t expect it to be otherwise. It has been almost a full year since my mom passed away and still fresh in my mind. It hasn’t helped where everywhere I look there are Mother Day ads.

I can’t really say I am the only one going through this experience. I think missing loved one in one degree or another will always be. Time heals or helps me to cope, but doesn’t take the pain away. And with that said taking the time and setting aside a day to honor mothers everywhere. If I could take it a step further everyday should honor moms.

If we think about it as we take a breath, life begins with our moms. I know no other bond to another person except for maybe a twin.

I am missing my mom today more than words can describe. So rather than go on in endless babble to try and express my thoughts I will close here. My shortest post ever, but thats okay.

If I may leave you with one thought. I address this to ones with a living parent. Take the time to be with mom. Resolve issues causing you not to spend that time together. Embrace the time you are able to share together because the old saying is true you don’t know what it’s like to miss someone till they are gone. Amen to that.