A Love Story

It starts like it always starts. Sitting there sipping on an iced coffee, rattling the keys on your laptop. Void emotion. What? Where is that coming from? An honest reaction from within. Empty

Love loss you weigh the cost. Remembering now what brings you here. You vowed never to love again, but her attraction to compelling draws you to her. You try to resist but give in.

You tell yourself this time is different. This one is special. I found true love. And it happens falling blindly head over heels in love. Baring your soul.

I sound a bit corny all mushy and soft. I let myself slip again out of control. Gave her my heart but she wanted my soul. I had heard it said that love is likened unto a rose. Behold the flower and its beauty, but remember beneath the flower and leaves is a stem of thorns.

Handle with care the warning says, but I don’t listen. Give and take all things equal. There are some who take and give nothing at all.