We Are Not Alone…

We are not alone… Kicking back on the front porch, looking out across the evening sky, there lies our proof. The sky is filled with an infinite amount of objects. Some we are able to identify, but there is a multitude we can’t identify.

As I sit here thinking, I sense how small I am with respect to the world around me. If I exist right here and now then out there in infinity there are an infinite number of opportunities for a living being to exist. It would be self-centered for me to think that all this was created just for the human race.

The truth of the matter most humans say “I am the center of my universe!” they are a species of privilege. Is that why they selfishly disrespect each other and our planet? Sadly, we have put a price tag on human life as well as the ground we live on. I know I am getting a bit off track. The why as the way we are is still unknown but it does describe the consequence of our thoughts and behavior.

It seems to me if everyone would join me on the porch, looking skyward, maybe coming to the realization of how small, but not insignificant. And maybe even experiencing a change of heart. That wouldn’t be so bad would it?

How can I be sure that there are other living beings? Have I seen them? No, I can’t say I have actually seen one or than that I can remember. But by the sheer numbers of probability there must be other life forms somewhere in the universe. I am sure if they have been in the neighborhood, which I’m sure they have they have presented themselves to the ones they intended to.

We continue to ignore The continuous reported sightings. Ruling them out as weather balloons, clouds, and just aircraft. This is the same way we ignore the evidence of climate change and continue to war one with another.

One would wonder if we are not intentionally trying to destroy what our creator has provided for us, this planeta perfect dwelling place . Home for the human body. Disregard for the precious gift of life.

We are not alone. We live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities only just beginning to scratch the surface as to all that is .