Shouldn’t we be asking WHY? Why are innocent people continuing to be murdered mass shootings? Why are these Killers still able to get these weapons? Why aren’t lawmakers doing anything except flapping their lips?

Why? Why? Why?

Can anyone give me an answer? One that makes a bit of sense? Don’t tell me everything okay. Everything is not okay.People are being murdered on a weekly basis. This isn’t okay. This isn’t normal. Don’t tell me you are protecting our Second Amendment right. Not when you care less about our rights. What you care about is pleasing money donors like the NRA. And you can’t deny it.

I think the Second Amendment holds precedence. But you tell me given that right to bare arms, why do we need to have assault rifles with the ability to shoot several rounds in a short amount of time, be made available to Joe public?

It seems like it should be a no brainer. Yes, we as citizens have the right to bare arms. Rules and regulations would not be necessary with responsible people, but these people purchasing assault rifles are not acting responsibly. It should be the responsibility of government to amend if necessary laws protect responsible citizens right to bare arms and at the same time prohibit irresponsible persons from obtaining guns.

Doing nothing is not cutting it, but if even one person’s life can be saved by stricter laws then it is worth it.

What’s it going to take to do something? How many people must die? I don’t have an answer here. Sad,,,