What good is it to gain the whole world, but…

I ask you, what good is it to gain the whole world, but then to lose your soul? Can all the wealth this world has to offer buy you happiness, protect you from pain, eliminate loneliness, or extend your life even a moment?

Do you know of anyone satisfied with one million, two million, three? Have you ever or know of anyone who had abundant wealth and then lost it all? Or have you or anyone you know had nothing and suddenly acquired abundant wealth?

The point I am trying to arrive at is how deceptive wealth can be.The money market is oh so volatile and unpredictable. The more wealth one has, the more wealth is wanted, never satisfied. And rather than eliminating pain and loneliness, making you happy, or extending life, it causes more pain and loneliness, making one unhappy, and shortens life.

So, what am I trying to lead up to here? We live in these physical bodies, in this physical world, I get it. It is only natural to want a degree of comfort in this life, but it is not a means to an end. If I can use an analogy, if one was traveling across country. Walking would get you there, but if you traveled by car , bus, train, or plane would be much more gratifying.

So, were or what is our destination? As it is becoming abundantly clear, everything in this physical world gets old, wears out, breaks down, and returns to the dirt it came from.

Does it end there? I think not because change does not mean we cease to exist. The body’s change makes it impossible to house us, so as the body morphs into dust, we morph into pure energy. The we I am referring to is called the soul. What makes it a totally amazing process, death forces the separation fromthe body and soul activating the change that enables the soul to freely travel to the next phase in life’s journey.

As an added note I can’t in all honesty accept all the teaching of the institutional church. The idea of a white bearded old man sitting on a throne in the clouds as well as that blistering hot inferno with all those red tanned figures with pitchforks, long pointy tails, and horns has a mythical air to it.

Don’t dare quote me as pure gospel or call me a heretic. Point blank the verdict is not in yet. What is quite curious the diverse ideologies from different times and locations around our world differ in descriptive wording but bear striking resemblance in theme. Which is totally understandable as in different eras the reference point is a factor as well as the language translations and definition. The point being if one is able to objectively analyze all disciplines, north, south, east, and west: from the beginning of human recorded time till present. We would learn all of the many wonders of our world.

Closer and closer to the truth. That’s pretty exciting…