Mixed up in words

Can you find your way

I’ve been here before

Many times

And only by the grace of God

Am I able to abide


Maybe so

Eight or nine years


Not God

But man

Taking the truth

Twisting it to serve self

-ish, lust, greed

Deceiving themselves

And all that abide

Around them

I ask you

As I observe

History records it

War after war

All in God’s name

The truth is humanity abandoned God

Long ago

Now only puppets going through

The moves

Rites, rituals, ceremonies

Acts with no feeling

No communication

No communion


The institution

Faith in God

A relationship

For me

Many , many years

Since I felt God’s presence


Will I make it?

I have all but convinced myself

That I have gone to far

I do not know if there is a way back

Is my mind set all wrong

The way back is a trap

Move forward

Live now