Act/ React, Cause/Effect

I don’t know what to say although it has been totally predictable. Life in DC is more about serving their agenda and personal needs than serving the needs of the people that elect them. If we were thinking we’d question their motives. So, why aren’t we?

I am not so naive as to think that DC hasn’t dirtied their hands over the years. I am sure that from the beginning there were ones with good intent with strong belief in the ideology of democracy. They framed what we know as the Constitution. On the other hand there has always been those self seekers, greedy and corrupt willing to stop at nothing to serve their needs.

Trump world is nothing new to DC even though he would think he is unique. Greed and corruption are commonplace. He may think he is good, but he is just sloppy. Sloppy, what do I mean by sloppy? It may sound funny coming from me but if he wasn’t sloppy there would be no need for this blatten cover up. I’m not saying it’s right but we will never know how many of Trump’s predecessors did what he has done and worse and were never caught.

Here is another thought that hasn’t been considered. Could it be possible Trump does what he does because he knows he can or maybe it is a distraction. Distraction is his usual game plan. He has used it often. If that is the case, then what is he up to that he doesn’t want us to see? How many midnight meetings, planning whatever? These are questions I can’t answer at this time.It would be good to pay attention to the big picture.

With every action there is a reaction. With every cause there is an effect.

All deeds good and bad will come to light. And they do expect accountability.