Enabler Too

If anyone wonders or even cares what the enablers have created, we didn’t have to wait long. Trump can do what he wants now, right? So, it is okay for him to eliminate his enemies? Like firing Vindman, his twin brother, and Sondland for telling the truth in the impeachment trial or trying to destroy Senator Romney’s political career.

So, what do you think about the situation with Roger Stone? Is it okay for Trump to influence the judicial system to benefit his croney?

I ask you, what happened behind the scenes in the sentencing of Stone, causing the four prosecuting attorneys to quit the case, with one quitting his job?


Oh, just wait he has only just begun.

Why am I getting the impression that there are those who don’t see what is going on? There are ones that actually believe the lie he and his crowd are spinning . Totally taken in by the cover up. That is pretty scary. No telling where that is leading.

The truth is I am very concerned.  It is the uncertainty of the overall situation. With what I am seeing unfold, no checks, no balance, no perimeters. I don’t know you tell me.