What is important?

What is important? Let’s go deeper, deeper, deeper than things. What is number one important, breathable air. Okay, so what is the point? What is troubling is that it is taken for granted. We wake each day, open our eyes, and inhale expecting breathable air.

As humans, we have evolved on the planet Earth. The Earth couldn’t have been a more perfect environment for the human race to evolve.

The soil is able to grow vegetation and the air carries the nutrients to feed the soil, vegetation, and humans as well.

Nature is the cycle of life. Humans breathe in air, breathe out toxins. Plants in turn breathes in the toxic air and breathes out clean air what could be more perfect? We are spoiled.

Perfect yes, but nature is give and take. This should be a no brainer. We can’t continue to take from the land without giving back. For every tree we chop down we should plant two or three. One of the rules to farming is rotation of crops

The biggest problem is the poison that we are putting into the air, water, and land. Human waste, byproducts of all our consumables Many with a shelf life hundreds of years. That means our garbage will outlive us.

We have been warned for some time but are not taking heed. A mouth full of excuses, not realizing the urgency , and consuming more rather than less.

One of the most common excuses is we have lots of time they have been preaching doom for hundreds of years. Okay, that might have worked then, but here we are hundreds of years later and guess what? The problem is still here and hundreds of times worse. I hate to tell you it is almost to the tipping point.

What is the solution? DO SOMETHING! Anything is better than doing nothing. Right? Even taking baby steps is better than no steps at all. The problem is bigger than you or me singly, but collectively we could begin to reverse the footprint we are leaving for future generations. I know we have heard this over and over and over again but that doesn’t make it less credible. Actually, it is more urgent.

I am talking here to me first, then to anyone else that will listen. And maybe we can together make a difference. It wouldn’t hurt to try. Would it?