WORDS from the TAO

I was reading and I came across this phrase. “Wise people seek solutions, the ignorant only cast blame.” (TAO 79). The words just jumped off the page resounding in my mind over and ever again.

A truly profound statement, as I see it applies in so many situations in present days. I become quite weary as I watch my country at this time where we are in grave peril and the best that can be done is to shift the blame to someone else. It’s not my fault, I didn’t do it, I do nothing but great things, no mistakes. I tell you right now that is no way to solve problems. It is not the road to seeking a solution.

Seriously, blaming Obama for everything is getting a bit redundant. I have to be honest I am becoming quite frustrated more each day, as we proceed to open back up the nation.

How does one rise above the noise and make rational decisions with all the noise? Kaos and confusion with no solid plan for reopening are all I see. There is a total lack of solid leadership only politically motivated actions. It’s like watching the ship sinking and the captain is grabbing the last life jacket and lifeboat and as he is leaving he waves at you with a smile and says good luck you are on your own.

I know that’s a bit dramatic. That’s the shit you think about when you’re in quarantine waiting, waiting, waiting… You know it is not so much that everything is locked down. The little bit of time in isolation is nothing compared to saving a life. If fewer people are dying as we quarantine I applaud that. To come to this point and throw caution to the wind, rushing to reopen risks the possibility of a relapse. Not only do we start over but we battle a virus that has evolved, unlike the humans it has learned to survive. If I can put it in plain terms we will be fighting a bigger badass.

I thought I was done ranting. Well, I am not. If anyone can give me a logical explanation as to why the first order of business is to open beauty salons, gyms, swimming pools, and restaurants. Really? Restaurants maybe, but carry out is not a grave sacrifice for human lives. The other three totally ridiculous.

At any rate, whatever they finally choose to reopen it is smart to regulate the traffic. We don’t want it to be like Black Friday at Christmas Time, with swarms of people all on top of each other. Paranoid? No, cautious yes!

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