What Have We Done?

What have we done? As I look around I see an America that isn’t me. Lead by a person I don’t agree with on all fronts. In my way of thinking he is both ethically and morally wrong, not a fit in my definition of what America is.

Blaming this one person for our present situation is a cop out. Although I disagree with him I can’t deny the fact that in his opinion he views he is right. He didn’t get there on his own. If I remember correctly he was elected to the position of President. What does that say? There were enough Americans that believe in him to vote him in, enabling him to do what he does. Furthermore, we have elected others that rather than serve the people are self seeking and in doing so are enabling the president.

This is what they do. This is what he does. Dress them up and send them to DC, some are what they say they are, in all honesty, other not so.

You can’t paint stripes on a jackass and call him a zebra.