What the F…

So, I’ve been busy all week with work. With no extra time on my hands I haven’t been surfing the web for the latest news reports, covid-19, politics, and other assorted topics plaguing the world today.

I must say my psyche is thanking me for it. It’s like my anxiety level has dropped about half. Well, that was until I thought I’d stoke up the laptop and go to Google news. That was a big mistake. Top story, top of the page, you guessed it Trump sets Stone free.

I must say I’m not surprised. Trump is going to great pains to upturn something he calls a witch hunt and fake investigation into Trump dealings with Russia. I’d hate to see his reaction if the investigation had been a legitimate one in his eyes.

To be honest this isn’t just a little annoying. Not just a little angry , but full blown mad to livid. This is not just a bad act from a bad player,no, it’s a bad act from a bad player right up front and in our face. It’s like he is doing whatever he wants, turning around to WE THE PEOPLE, and gives us the 🖕.

I ask you, what in the past three years has been done to check and balance, guarantee accountability, and/or consider the letter of the law as a model? I can answer in one word, enabler. Enablers are ones that allow one to do as they please, unchecked, or held accountable.

One thought on “What the F…

  1. It’s scary isn’t it. trump (I use lower case on purpose) because he is not important) wants to dictate. His way or the highway. I don’t get why his followers can’t see this.

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