Covid-19 in the White House

The inevitable has happened. I figured it was a matter of time before he and/or others in his inner circle would contract the virus. Trump, his wife , and about a dozen in the inner circle have contracted the virus. I’m not going to say I told you so. To be honest , it’s hard not to cap on his shit. But no I choose to be a better man than he is and check my attitude! I did have a few observations I’d like to share. All I can say he best considers himself blessed. He just doesn’t just have his personal doctor, he has got a team of six doctors. Plus he doesn’t have to share a crowded hospital hallway or ICU. He has the presidential suit and a private chef preparing his meals if you get sick that has got to be the way to go.

I can see why they would feed him oxygen, but the two drugs they gave him that aren’t approved, that kind of confuses me.

Anyway, what do you think the chances are that Trump will have an awakening. A humbled man realizing the error of his ways and do what is right for America. Don’t laugh too hard… People have been known to change when faced with their own mortality. We can only hope.

I will not get my hopes too high. He might just be asshole to the core, coming off the sick bed with a vengeance.