Debates are they Presidential?

I watched a bit of the first debate yesterday. Did anyone else take the time to watch? If so, I ask you, was the debate Presidential? Is that an odd question to ask?

It’s the Presidential Debate of course it’s presidential. Okay , I get it, in name you are correct, but I am thinking deeper. You may ask how does one act presidential? Maybe the word act is the wrong choice of words, as it is disingenues. We aren’t looking for an act here. We want truly genuine people

What do I look for in the characters of a presidential opponent? Not necessarily politically correct, but respectful, ethical, opinionated but not combative. What I mean here is to have strong convictions, but not to have to yell and scream your stand. To be orderly in presentation.

So, where does that fair with what I saw at the debate?

Sadly the debate was very disappointing. And that is putting it mildly.