Riot on the Capital?!??

I am totally, totally overwhelmed by what I am watching on the TV… An out and out violent riot in the U.S. Capital!!! I am at a loss of words… I really can’t say I shouldn’t be surprised. There were several warnings, but obviously just like everyone else we became complacent… I am not saying nobody cares, but more so tired. Tired of everything going on. Just wanting it all to be over.

The irony is for months there was talk of meetings in DC on this date. Trump and groups like the proud boys made it quite public on twitter and other social media. I remember one interview with Michael Cohen, he said in regard to Trump losing the election, he is unwilling to admit defeat and would stop at nothing to retaliate. So, yes the warning signs were out there. If you thought he was bluffing, he wasn’t, if you are complacent or burnt out, I do understand but it doesn’t change the fact Trump should not be in a position of power and if not for the enablers he would have been out of there some time ago.

So, with watchful eyes I want to focus on DC and what will happen next?! Kind of scary!

Let me see if I can put all the facts together here without a spin. A large group of Trump supporters,proud boys and the like, left the rally where Trump was very vocal. Telling them they had to be strong and fight to get control back. His whole speech was televised if you are interested. He then dismissed them telling them to go in peace. They moved on to the Capital where they forced their way inside, breaking windows,doors, and trashing everything in their path

You may ask don’t they have the right to demonstrate, exercising the first amendment. The word that was missing is PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION. They found two pipe bombs, a cooler full of molotov cocktails, and guns. Who brings that to a peaceful demonstration.

There are a few things that don’t add up here. How is it that the protesters were able to breach the US Capital. Where was the tactical team assigned to protect the Capital and all the leaders in government. It is obvious that they were ill equipped, but why?

When I first heard about the riot I was shocked. And when I started to check it out it became more and more troubling to me. Some of the media painted a picture of Trump as the victim and a patriotic hero for the American people. He is neither. If he is expecting pity for being treated unfairly, he has brought it on himself. And as for him being a hero to the American people, he doesn’t give a rats ass about anything or one but himself.

You know what the hardest thing to wrap my head around? It’s not the neo nazis, skinheads, white supremacist, and proud boys, they are hater and easy to figure. Their mission is to inflict violence, killing anything or anyone that stands in their way.

Trump’s behavior is quite predictable, as respect for him on all levels has all but evaporated some time ago.

What troubles me the most are all the Trump followers , even with all the wrong doing. They side with him making excuses to justify his behavior. I really don’t get it, they seem to be under his spell. He can say and do no wrong.

A curious contrast, if you look at the footage at any of the blacks matters protests and the one in the capital, what do you see that’s different? The difference is black and white. The blacks seemed to attract a force in full riot gear, tear gas , and rubber bullets.  The whites on the other hand had none of that, in fact there seemed at a few points they aided the protesters, moving barricades. A bit odd don’t you think?