What now?

“What now?”, I’ve been asking myself. I can say, without a doubt there hasn’t been a set of circumstances that consume the whole planet, or at least in my lifetime. I don’t know, would I be safe to say WWII was the last world pandemic. At least for the most part, you could see the enemy coming to kill you.

Now, this bad boy, covid-19 sneaks up to you when you’re trying to breathe. Infecting you, severely wounding, or even killing you. In all honesty, this virus has affected everything living on the planet. Not just from a material stand point, but it has greatly affected our physical and mental wellbeing.

So maybe you understand why there is so much anxiety in the air these days, as people begin to come out of isolation and into this.

I ‘ve heard numerous catch phrases to encourage us in a positive direction, like getting back to normal or making America great again. With all that normal greatness, isn’t that part of the reason for our present status?

The point being there is nothing to go back to. It’s already been tried, in fact we have repeated some of our mistakes over and over again. That’s not how that is supposed to work ! Sure we make mistakes. I know it’s hard to admit human imperfection, but it’s normal for us. What’s not normal is to make mistakes and deny or ignore it and jump back in and do the same thing over and over again,destined to fail.

See, humans are a work in progress. We start with this raw flesh, innocent and a bit naive, inexperienced and as you move forward through life you try to improve, learn from mistakes, not repeat them over and over again.

Forward means charting new territory, doing what hasn’t been done. If I can be blunt, either the human race wants to survive or we will continue to destroy ourselves.

We are the human race. All of us, rich and poor, tall and short, red, yellow, brown, black , white, or whatever shade of flesh you are, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddist, Isslam, or any other of the millions of belief systems we have invented down through the years to justify our existence. My point is we are human, none better, none worse, equal, I said equal. THERE IS NO WORD LIKE DISCRIMINATION IN THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD EQUALITY. There are no degrees of equality.

I know what I am saying here is quite difficult to wrap our minds. This is not a new issue, it seems to find its roots in the very beginning of the human race. That doesn’t mean a change is impossible, but nonetheless it is a process that could very well change the future of the human race. With this said baby steps are better than no steps at all and much better than steps backward.

What we must ask ourselves: Is this something we want? Is it worth it? Do we care about our children and our children’s children? Or is it all about me and now and what’s in it for me? Greed, deception, hate, and jealousy all lead to destruction.What kind of price is that to pay for all we accumulate in this life, that we have to leave behind? The answer should be simple… But is it?

People may be asking why I spend time on issues with seemingly no solutions? Why do I even care? I have to say that although life has many disappointments I haven’t lost faith in what we are able to do when we put our mind to it. I will continue to write because I believe we are important to ourselves, to all that is around us, and to the generations of us that is yet to come. I know there are ones that turn me off before even reading, others laugh me off, and at times my words get lost in the mass amounts of data of the internet, but if my words connect with one person there is place to rejoice and maybe they will find inspiration to move us forward.