Why do we glory in war?

Sitting here thinking, America has been at war or involved in helping someone else at war since our beginnings. We fought a war for independence, several with the indigenous to acquire their land and resources, a civil war, actually killing our own, then there were the two world wars, and there have been and ongoing wars in the far East and the Middle East.

The rationale has been everything from independence, to oil and other resources, land, stopping communism, and just plain politics.

Let me see if I can get this straight, the propaganda machine revs up preaching mom, and God, and country. We are patriotic Americans, serving, preserving, and spreading democracy.

Patriotic America, we should be proud of our heritage, our compassion, and our willingness to help others in need, treating all humanity fairly and equally. We should be proud to live in a nation where we are free to speak our mind and to pick our elected officials, knowing that they got our back at all times and for all its citizens.

If what I have said held true by all means be proud, be patriotic, and have confidence in our government and its officials. I ask you with the truth be known, can we remain proud of what we are becoming?

Should we not be concerned about the way we treated the indigenous peoples and continue to treat them to this day. Can we overlook the fact that we introduced slavery to the Americas? And may I add to this day minorities are being treated as second-rate citizens, thought of somehow or another as being less human.

How can we remain confident when our elected officials, you know the ones that got our back but have instead bowed to the monies coming from lobbyists, big business, and special interests. This allows money to be disproportionate, staying in the hands of the 1% while the rest go without or a bare existence.

Can we in good faith send our young men and women to fight in wars, not in a humanitarian effort to bring peace, but for money, power, oil, land, and other goods?

I am very disappointed to see in many states governments are trying to limit voter turnout. Take away our right to vote, what will follow?

We have a lot on the table and we cannot allow war to be our first response to settling conflict. There is no glitz or glamour in war. It’s beyond description, as humans brutal kill one another, a bloodbath of death and destruction.