Peace, peace, peace

Peace, peace, peace

And again I say peace.

Do we not grow tired of war

It is not the case so far

It’s not all right

All we do is fight

I’m not saying we always agree

But war should not be the first remedy

There’s a place we’re not there yet

A new mind set

Not a question of a winning side

Or a losing side

The key word here is compromise

It shouldn’t be a big surprise

2 thoughts on “Peace, peace, peace

    1. Hi.Laurie sorry I haven’t been in touch.. Been busy working. Security and parking at Cigna covid vaccine site. It just closed after a month. Went from there to the Suns arena for play off. I’ve had the past few days off. Playing catch up. Thanks for reading my stuff and giving me your comments. It makes me want to write more.

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