The Problem is Still Here

When did a matter of public health become such combative and contentious political issue? You’re right, never, that is until a few years ago. And we can thank the man, our previous president who was instrumental in orchestrating the contentious political environment we are still living with even though he has been out of office for several months.

His popularity surprises me. His continued antics trouble me. I fear he is dangerous to our country. I should be clear here. He isn’t alone there is a high percentage of Americans that believe as he believes, act accordingly, and will follow him wherever he leads them. Hard to believe?

I must admit it was for me. I thought there might be a handful here and there. The propaganda machine must have done its job in my neighborhood because there was no alarming case of inequality, or segregation or any of that division we clearly see all over today. I grew up in middle class America, living the American Dream, you could work hard, save your money, and live a prosperously successful life.

I’m sorry to tell that was a big lie like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and Columbus was a good man discovering America. Lies…

I believe in the democratic experiment, we’ve enjoyed for almost two hundred and fifty years. I think a majority of America believe that too.

We must wake up now!!!

Trump was removed from office but the problem is not gone. Why is the riot on June 6 being white-washed? To look at the video, call it what it is, American terrorists attacking the Capital… Plain and simple Americans attacking Americans.

Was it just a fling, a one-time experience, not going to happen again???