No Live Matters

I have heard the words “ Black lives matter”. I give that both thumbs up! And would take it one step further saying “ ALL LIVES MATTER” But sadly the majority of what I am seeing is that “No lives matter.” We don’t care about the plant, animals, land, or human beings, except for ourselves of course. If it doesn’t fit me I don’t wear it. Selfish, who’s selfish, I’m just looking out for number one. ME That’s not really me but it does sound a bit like the world at large. So caught up in self needs, not seeing the harm they are causing. The saying “no pain no gain”, doesn’t mean causing others pain via your actions rather it’s the burn you feel in your own body as you act and react moving forward towards a successful life.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with success and prosperity, but in this greedy money-grubbing capitalistic world, there is a small Greek word we have lost sight of its idealist importance. The word is ETHOS. It is from where we get the English word ethics. Ethics in business, ethics in everyday life…

Treating each other fairly, equally, and with respect, is that too much to ask? Will we agree on all points? No, I don’t expect us to, but what is key here is we must be able to sit at the table, freely and I do mean freely voice our opinions, yes allow the others to voice theirs. Listen up this of uttermost importance, we can’t leave the table divided, with unresolved differences. A compromise must be reached. The Indians have or had an interesting way of engaging in debate. They call it the talking stick. A physical stick and the one holding it in his hands has the right to speak. When he/she are done they pass it to the next and the next till it is done