They ask you, were you from boy? Your answer is always Arizona via Jersey. Why do you ask? Isn’t there a more interesting topic of discussion?

Maybe I’m too critical. You can’t expect anyone to jump into the deep end of the pool when I too have struggled when I first meet someone. You are right, I suppose at first glance I appear to be a bit arrogant. That might very well be true! I’ve been working on that too. Nothing isolates a person quicker than projecting that better than you attitude.

Why do I project indifference? Boredom, plain and simple. Busy chatter, most people are satisfied with that as being conversation. They don’t want to get to the heart of the matter. I feel everyone is special, born with a purpose, and they/ we/ me have much to share as well as need to receive.

I am beginning to see where indifference causes discomfort. I have felt it myself, liken to someone walking into your home without knocking.

So, I ask you where is that balance in interpersonal relationships?