From Caves to Cities

From caves to cities, the human path has taken us. Planting and cultivating, working with mother earth has given way to industry and technology.

The give and take mindset has given way to greed Take it all. Trees are cut down for a number of uses, like paper, with little regard to planting a new tree. Holes are dug into mountains to extract precious gems and metals, leaving a great big hole. Crops are planted year after year, zapping all the nutrients. Little regard is given to allowing it to rest a season and feeding it nutrients We take all the good from the land, air, and sea, replacing it with all our garbage.

I don’t want to leave you with a depressing, negative scenario. There are crusaders trying their best to turn this thing around. My hope is that it’s not too little, too late.

So, I ask you, what’s important to you? Is it money and the thing it will buy? What are you purposed to give on your life’s path? I hope it is not just all your old garbage

I know I’m an idealist, but humor me for a moment. Let’s say, what if everyone on the planet made a conscious effort to contain their own garbage. It could be a candy wrapper or cigarette butt or anything else thrown from a moving car, or for those more ambitious larger projects, like maybe taking responsibility, instead of hiding behind their corporate structure, and cleaning up their companies. It wouldn’t take long and what if would become what is.