Vibration, our world in motion. I am overwhelmed as I entertain the idea that everything as we perceive vibrates. The rate of speed of the vibration is what scientists have come to label frequency. This is very important as our eyes and ears are constructed in such a way to receive and discern different frequencies, whereas enabling us to perceive color and density, and the ability to distinguish tones, highs, lows, and everything in between.

Without this quality everything would be a blur no color, no dimension, and no sound quality. I am in awe at the detail in our creation. Personally, I am not clear in the theology, but there is no way I can go with random chance or some big cosmic mistake. It is a well orchastrated event or series of events that continues to this day as we evolve to fit into the cosmos.

Since our beginnings, we have tried to document creation, conceiving a variety of myths, sects, and religions, with appropriate names for said creator, all in an attempt to satisfy human needs and justification.

I wager, although we have come a long way since our cave dwelling days, we don’t have an understanding of creation and who bear responsibility for it.