Why am I not satisfied

Although I live in America considered the wealthiest nation in the modern world, why am I not satisfied?

Although I live in the finest of homes with all the latest appliances and technology, drive the finest of vehicles, and have a boat, and a four wheeler, and a cabin on land in a wooded countryside, why am I not satisfied?

Although I own businesses worth millions of dollars, importing produce all over the world, why am I not satisfied?

What kind of question is that, why am I not satisfied? My answer is quite simple if I were satisfied I would be content with what I have, but as you can plainly see this is not so. One home isn’t enough I need a summer home, a finer home. One with more appliances and the latest technology. Another new car, a yacht, more business, more product, more money, more of everything. There is no end to it, there is always one more, one better.

Can I be safe to say that it is the nature of the physical man to hunger for all things material. The problem I see with things is they are temporary. Your favorite clothes and shoes wear out. Cars break down and need repair, houses show age needing repair or remodeling, and any business or wealth is subject to the market. One day you are a millionaire and the next day you are homeless.

Not so with the spiritual man, he seeks that which is everlasting. Therein lies the human mystery, we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. The question is can we live together. I believe we can or we wouldn’t have been built this way.

I did not say it would be easy. I struggle daily if not moment to moment. I lose my footing , slip, get out of balance. I have this thing about ice cream. I love it. It’s not bad in itself, but if I don’t watch I’ll eat a tub and search for more eating myself sick. Obviously, that isn’t a major issue one might face but I merely used it as an example .

So if you come out of this with anything it is this: we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies. We must feed the body for it to live. Equally important we must feed our spirit for it to live and to maintain the balance to live together with ourselves.