Will we ever hear the truth

Will we ever hear the truth? I cannot help but see how clear it is becoming how they are working the crowd. I am hard pressed to think that we will ever get the truth. They will cut and dicet the Mueller report. And guess what we the people are going to buy into it. The loyal Trump fans will say, I told you so no collusion, no crime. And the rest of us will complain about corrupt government, but American people have a short memory and it is back to business as usual. We witness the biggest frigging scam right before our very eyes.

That is my worst case scenario. If indeed this is what we are seeing then one might think that corruption in DC goes beyond the White House. In an attempt to isolate the president whose behavior warrants investigation, is also making others in DC uncomfortable. All guilty parties now just want it to go away.

I know much of what I am saying is speculation but can anyone else explain to me how many of the elected officials are becoming quite wealthy as it doesn’t match up with their salary intake. Not to mention suspicion of inside trading. And all that pak money, where is it coming from, who is it going to, and what are they expecting in return?

Today the Mueller investigation has come to an end and the report as gone to the Attorney General Barr. Now the process begins. We will now see in real time the direction America will go.

Will we hear the truth or will it be swept under the proverbial rug? How important is this for the U.S.?