Hey, Don’t Blame Me

Hey, don’t blame me, not my fault. Karma made me do it… The devil made me do it… Sins of the father, fathers father, father. Push it further. How about past lives? Not me, no not me.

So, you refuse to hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Why is it so hard to say, “ Sorry, I was wrong”?

We have to have reasurance so we paint a picture of an all good perfect creator sitting up in the clouds, granting us salvation and forgiveness for all our “sins”. The story wouldn’t be complete without someone to blame, so the devil is the go to if we need to point an accusing finger or shout words of blame.

Don’t blame me, it must have been you.

The fine line between good and bad continues to blurr, as good becomes not so good and bad not so bad. Compromising ethics for convenience, power, and wealth. Greedily disregarding others needs,onlyto satisfy self. This is sadly becoming the norm in this new age.

Will we come to our senses before it’s too late? It’s too soon to tell. We must first wake up to the fact that we are living in denial. Inability to realize there is a problem makes it impossible to solve. A bit of a catch-22 would you say?

So, am I beating a dead horse? Does anybody really care? Is everyone totally content with human evolution?

I think not. Everyone I’ve been talking to lately is confounded by the state of affairs, confused as to what might be a solution.