Sounds logical

Question? Who or what will be the next generation species on planet Earth, when there is no more air to breathe and no food to eat?

What is now on the scene, challenging humanity and doesn’t need food or air, runs on batteries, solar, or nuclear. Robots. Yes, you heard me right. Artificial Intelligence, AI for short. It’s like we are working our way out of a job.

How much sense does that make? Just think of it, a handful of very rich people, like the one percent could run the entire planet with robots. A perfect world completely obedient and controlled. What more could they ask for?

Does this sound logical? Scary as it may sound there is evidence of it’s possibilities. Drones are one of the clues. Drones have been used in warfare. They are equipped with cameras for surveillance and weapons to destroy the targets. Our dependency on machines we cannot deny. All I can say is watch and see.