Rumors and Conspiracies

Rumors and Conspiracies the world is full of them. More and more as the day is long. I heard of a new one, well maybe not new but new to me. This person is stating the covid vaccine is a plot to kill us all. Sort of a genocide. Anyway it got me thinking…

Something doesn’t add up here. You can’t run a world without people. Think about it. Who’s going to do all the hard labor? You know working in the fields picking veggies and such, or basic construction. We can’t kill Mexicans. Who would take on these jobs? Well along those same lines you can’t kill the blacks, they not only do hard labor, but they dominate sports and music. That’s some job security.

Anyway let’s go on. What about woman? You got to keep the women. As long as they tend to make babies, cooking and cleaning, they have a stay safe card. This brings us to the white male. What is his fate? They don’t have a problem. The truth be known they are the ones behind the genocide. Now if you are gay or handicap you’re destined for death.

That leads to the old, the elderly, and retired… They’ve outlived their worth and were becoming a burden. That makes them an easy choice for genecity.

I need to be clear here. This may be an interesting story and has it’s possibilities. But on a scale these folks are talking about, I don’t buy it. There are parts of the information that must be investigated. There are some definite holes in the narrative.