I have been hearing a lot about the NRA in the news lately. Of course it has sparked a curious interest in me. What is the NRA? These are common letters that stand for National Rifle Association, dating back to 1871, and have been the leading advocate for the second Amendment and the right to bear arms.

They are one of the biggest donors come election time, expecting to influence political opinion. In recent years the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of anonymous donors giving free rein to the NRA to donate large amounts of money without disclosure. This is what they call PAC money or Dark money. To me it is a bit concerning, not just with the NRA but the thought that big money and not public opinion is ruling our government.

Now let me be clear here. I am not against citizens owning guns. Growing up there were guns in our household, learning from an early age safe practices. On occasion we went out target shooting , hunting deer, and quail hunting. It was comforting to know we were safe if there were intruders. There wasn’t a remote thought of using a gun to shoot a neighbor or some one on the public street, or in a school, or a family member. They were HUNTING rifles, not assault rifles.

So, don’t miss quote me and say I want to take away your guns. We regulate who can drive a car, drink alcohol, and even vote, so why not who can own a gun. This seems to be another distraction, I get it we should be concerned about our right to bear arms, but if that being the narrow focus there are many of our rights being threatened. Think about it. How about our right to free speech? How about our right to privacy? How about our right to due process? And here is a big one, how about our right to vote?