Life a series of stages. Levels of maturity on our evolutionary journey. Physical pain can be a sign of life’s development. As in cutting teeth or growing pains. Then there are those times we begin to feel this unseen force within. Emotions as they are called can be quite confusing and down right scary.  Now just as you think you got the  handle on the emotion thing you get hit with this feeling. at first you think it is emotions, but no it goes much deeper than that. It’s hard to describe. I’ll do my best.

It’s like feeling empty nothing you’ve done will fill ya. Like being so hungry and thirsty , you eat and eat and drink and drink, but it still doesn’t  quench that appetite. The feeling is so deep to the very center of your being.

In conclusion to deal with growing pain you have to know where it is coming from.  What I mean by that is you must view the total anatomy. I know you  will not find it in Grey Anatomy. Maybe it should be. The physical is the easiest to discern. We can see it, hear it touch it , smell it.

As we look inward,  there is a clear difference between the outward, physical; and the inward, mental. Why is  this an important discovery? It is all in the dealing .  Although they be one, they are clearly divided by definition. An other words, their rules of application are different. That was the problem we encountered in the past .  Dealing with said person, inside and out  all the same way. Then wondering why it didn’t always work. Emotions aren’t vital organs, but they are essential to the total person.

We are far from complete until we have gone as deep as we can. Beyond the mind and it’s emotion, to the spirit of said person. Unfortunately many connect the mind and the spirit as one. We must view them separately. The soul  and the spirit play by different rules.  Shrouded in mystery the spirit has many many schools of thought. All claiming to be truth. I am not here to add more theology or start a new sect or religion. Just to state it’s existence. How can I claim what is unseen to be true? Just as you would. I’ve seen the foot prints in the sand.