Just ran away from home for the day…

My apartment is in shambles. I am in the process of moving and there are boxes and crates everywhere. It’s amazing how much shit I’ve accumulated over the past 13 years. I don’t really consider myself a Horder. Maybe a few Horder tendencies. I am having a bit of a time parting with my precious heirloom. Maybe one would think it is just junk. Well maybe it is to the untrained eye. For me every item collected has its own story.. and how can I put a monetary value on personal relics from the the past.

I will find my way through this but for now I spin about like this top. I have really liked the move . Moving means change,finding new friends, and dealing with the unexpected. It’s time to force me to face reality here. There is no where to run . Nowhere to hide. I tell you what there must be a God, the person that created all. Is all knowing and watches over my well being. I have a way of bungling thing. Falling flat on my face or moving in the wrong directions, but some how or another I manage to get back up, dust off and move along. And eventually it all falls into place.

The thing is I come from a long, long line of Greek worriers… I’m Greek we worry about everything even about worrying to much. Well I think I have spent this post and don’t feel much better. I will not feel better till I get up and do something.