Do We Create- Our Own Realities???

Do we create our own reality?If  I was to accept the standard definition reality is a standard or fixed truth. It is either real, reality or it is an illusion or delusion, something made up.It seems to me the definition of reality does not go deep enough. It is much too vague.  For example, if you were to ask a number of people in the same room at the same time to describe what is happening around them. You might get similar answers at best, but each person would see things just a little bit different

So does this mean?  Can there be several realities going on at the same time, in the same place? Or are we all delusional? I think the problem lies in the definition.  Reality by definition would have a sensory response.  Let us say you are at BBQ. There is cooking going on and the aroma, wow it smells so good.  You walk up to the cook as he prepares you a plate. Boy, that looks good. You wander over to a  table and sit down and start eating. It tastes so good!  Reality enjoying good food at the BBQ.Within the hour reality sets in. It seems there was a form of bacteria odorless, tasteless, and could not be seen with the human eye

The point I want to make here is we are 3D creatures. We view our reality through our 3D viewer I ask you what of the dimensions we are not equipped to see. They can not be ignored as we can see the do affect our reality.

As we continue to evolve we are realizing the many things that influence our reality. To explore the unseen helps us to understand our reality. And in time we will be able to react to our reality Changing or creating a new reality. Look at the documented life of Edgar Cayce. In a trance, he could see the affliction. And he could see how to cure it

I am just saying I can’t rule out the possibility that at some point in our human history we had the knowledge and used parts of our brain that have been dormant for eons of time. Maybe the hope to help the human race is in the remembering.