ESSAY 9/11



It has been twelve years to the day since national security was compromised. Allowing terrorist to hijack airliners and use them as weapons against us. Resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. I have seen many changes is just my small life span.There are three events that stick in my mind as major turning points. The first was when President Kennedy was shot and killed.  The second was when John Lennon was shot and killed.  And the third  the event labeled 9/11 with the loss of so many innocent lives.

Each of them changing our  world for ever. Sadly we are unable to go back to the way things were. That  time of innocence was taken away..  As i was saying twelve years have gone by since 9/11. Not long enough to completely change the way the world conducts business. Not enough time to right all the wrongs. BUT it has been enough time to begin to change the way the world conducts business. It has been enough time to begin to right all the wrongs.

Twelve long years…. Have we managed that time wisely? Let’s look. With the rubble from the twin towers still smoking, our elected leaders wasted no time in planning a little surprise  for Saddam Hussein, Iraq and the surrounding area. All under the premise of searching  for weapons of mass destruction. Well we found no weapons of mass  destruction, but we did manage to destroy a good amount of  Iraq and capture their leader  Saddam. He was tried and executed.

The Middle East has  taken center stage with several countries in civil war or some form of violent action between citizen and government.To name a few Egypt, Libya, Iran, Israel, and Syria  just to name a few Sorry if I missed any names deemed important. Personally I can’t think of anything honorable about being on the list.

My point is not to create a popularity poll of violent hot shots in our world.  I am trying paint a small picture of where a war mind-set is leading  us.. By the way the us I am using here is not just a you and me us. No, the us I am talking about includes everyone on the planet.

I may not be complete and  with all the answers here. I do know with all  certainty war is not the answer. If every time there is a disagreement you pick up a stick it would not belong before you wouldn’t be able to find a stick.. Kidding. It wouldn’t be long before there wouldn’t be anyone left to pick up sticks….

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